Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church

Reverend James E. Blake, Pastor

Church Motto: Doing the Right Thing in 2015
Church Theme: Come Back to God
Ruth 1: 19-22; St Luke 15:11-32


Music Department

If you are interested in serving or need more information on one of the choirs listed below, please contact one of the officers.

  Officers - Celestial Choir Officers - Mission Chorus  
  Sister Patricia Ross, President Sister Barbara Booker, Chairsister  
  Sister Pearl Lastrapes, Vice President Sister Shirley McGee, Co-Chairsister  
  Sister Lynette Sam, Secretary    
  Sister Mindy Collins, Treasurer Officers - Combined Choir  
  Sister Arria Ferguson, Assist. Treasurer/Chaplain Sister Regina Bright, President  
    Brother Richard Turner, Vice President  
  Officers - Junior Male Choirs Sister Mindy Collins, Secretary  
  Brother Isaiah Parks, President Sister Davis Burrell, Assist. Secretary  
  Brother Marcellus Harvey, Vice President Brother Isaac Stein, Treasurer  
  Brother Calief Williams, Secretary Sister Arria Ferguson, Assist. Treasurer  
  Brother William Riggans, Treasurer Sister Earline Jones, Chaplain  
    Sister Gwendolyn Bryant, Assist. Chaplain  
  Officers - Intermediate Choir    
  Sister Ronisha Brumfield, President Officers - Senior Choir  
  Sister Kiara Williams, Vice President Sister Cherrie Williams, President  
  Sister Nijah Lastrapes, Secretary Sister Mary Foley, Vice President  
  Sister Tahlar Rowe, Assist. Secretary Sister Rosa Frazier, Secretary  
  Sister Tricia Grimble, Treasurer Sister Joyce Price, Assist. Secretary  
  Sister Alexis Johnson, Assist. Treasurer Sister Rosanna Sanders, Treasurer  
  Brother Wyton Bryant, Chaplain Sister Ora Lewis, Assist. Treasurer  
  Brother Daryl Brumfield, Assist. Chaplain Brother Richard Turner, Chaplain  
    Brother Byron Buckner Assist. Chaplain  
  Officers - Handbell    
  Sister Catrina Williams, President Officers - Male Chorus  
  Sister Lillie Carter, Secretary Brother Frank Frazier, President  
  Sister Marilyn Johnson, Assis. Secretary Brother Lester Whiteing, Sr. Vice President  
  Sister Bettie Jones, Treasurer Brother Joseph Patterson, Secretary  
  Rev. Tavares Armstrong, Chaplain Brother Jared Briscoe, Assist. Secretary  
  Sister Nesha Armstrong, Assist Chaplain Brother Richard Turner, Treasurer  
    Brother Michael Patterson, Assist. Treasurer  
    Brother Bryon Buckner, Chaplain  
    Brother Herman Whiteing, Assist. Chaplain